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New World Incense Stick

Lo-Fi / Apotheke Fragrance

- Hand made in Japan
- 25 Sticks 
- 13" In length
- Packaged in thick kraft tube with cork closure 
- Letterpress printed Label

Apotheke is a fragrance brand, based in Chiba, Japan.  All of Apotheke's specialty fragrance items are hand made, from blending the scent, creating the product to the packaging.

With the help of the owner, Keita Sugasawa, we have created a collaborative scent called "New World", based on the concept of a simulated forest. The scent features aromas of spices and deep woody undertones. A woody fragrance that blends the freshness of Red Currant, the opulence of Rose and the fragrance of Oak with a touch of fresh notes of white tea, A combination of Australian native plants and traditional Japanese scents.

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