Lo-Fi Radio #004 - Crawling Death

Lo-Fi Radio #004 lands from the hands of Crawling Death with a change of pace stepping in to the world of NWOBHM.

"One of our favourite musical genres with one of the best acronyms… New Wave of British Heavy Metal or NWOBHM for short.  For this mix we focused on some of the more underrated or overlooked bands from the era spanning late 70’s to mid 80’s.

Straight Lo-Fi and ripped from the net for your listening pleasure.  Have a cup of tea and get psyched!"

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Nature World - Trapped In Hell

In America, there are 2.3 million people currently serving time in the prison system. Many are serving lengthy sentences for non-violent drug offenses. Many are disproportionately Black and Latino who come from poverty stricken backgrounds with little resources to build with. Prisoners and ex-convicts are an unseen minority who are often blacklisted in this country and find little to no support upon re-entering into society.

The basis of this collection is to highlight the culture of injustice and the dehumanising effect the prison industrial complex has on our society. The pieces are representations of the iconography that is created by those affected and the fetishisation of it’s aesthetic (from which we as well as other artists and designers are guilty of).

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Introducing Ignored Prayers to Lo-Fi.

Starting off as a platform for image sharing amongst like-minded individuals in 2008 with a DIY approach and nostalgic cues. The new range from Ignored Prayers is now available in store and online now.

Lo-Fi Radio #003 - The Good Company

For the third episode of Lo-Fi Radio, we throw the controls over to 97 Allen, where the guys at The Good Company in NYC take over the broadcast for the hour.

Come on this trip through psychedelic sounds feeding off the idea of "The entire world realized in an instant." Uninterrupted, unadulterated and with unconditional love. Take a seat, and take the time to let your mind unwind.

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Pager Magazine Issue 3

Pager is a non-stapled, large format photo magazine about skateboarding culture and its photographers. Designed to engage the reader by allowing each photograph to be viewed or hung without tears or staple holes.

40 Pages, 17.25" x 12" Spreads, Printed on dull coated paper, 
Numbered edition of 250.

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Art beers courtesy of Gage Roads Brewing Co. All welcome, hope to see you there.