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Jenkem - Vol. 3

It’s been quite some time, but we’re back with the third and final installment in our Jenkem Book Series. That’s right, Jenkem Vol. 3 is finally here, consisting of 100% new content, completing the book trilogy we started back when we were even younger and dumber.

Vol. 3 is 250+ pages of interviews, photo essays, long reads, and more all packed into a fancy hardcover book that might even trick your parents into thinking it’s a high end art publication. If you own copies of Vol. 1 and/or Vol. 2, you’ll definitely want to get this one to cap off the collection properly.

- Alexis Sablone
- Dylan Rieder
- Greg Hunt
- The Piss Drunx
- Jake Johnson
- Ben Chadourne
- Lurker Lou
- Tommy Penny
- Marc Mckee
- Marbie

22.5 cm x 29 cm Hardcover book

250 pages

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