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Lo-Fi (East)

18 Howard St, Perth WA

Lo-Fi (West)

15 Howard St, Perth WA

Lo-Fi is a label & retailer based in Perth, Australia.

The original Lo-Fi store first opened its doors on Howard Street in 2014. Five years on, Lo-Fi expanded to its second location by opening a skate store across the street from its original store.

The idea was to have two retail stores, side by side, housing a select offering of the best from both worlds of street & skate.

Howard St, situated on the outskirts of the Perth retail district, is a destination for those interested in something more than just the products themselves, but the lifestyle and community surrounding it.

Lo-Fi also operates as a stand alone label which has been a staple since its opening. Offering a range of products drawing inspiration from forgotten pop culture, fringe cultures and the obsolete. Available through its own doors and select retailers internationally.

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