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Lo-Fi / North Street Store

Lo-Fi has worked with North Street Store on a collaborative T-Shirt & Chef pants alongside a special Breakfast Banh Mi & Vietnamese Iced coffee. Releasing at North Street Store this Saturday 05.12.20 from 9am. In store & online at Lo-Fi (East) Saturday at 10am AWST.


Breakfast Banh Mi:

While NSS Chef Matt was backpacking through South East Asia, money began to run dry. With most of his budget allocated to refreshing beverages, Matt’s attention turned to finding the best bang-for-your-buck food that could be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was a clear victor - the Banh Mi. 

This is Matt’s nod to his personal favourite - the omelette Banh Mi. Robust, hearty and spicy - the perfect meal to dust off the cocktail bucket cobwebs.

Whats In it?:

Vietnam pork mince omelette, Duck liver pâte, NSS lacto-fermented chilli sauce, NSS Vietnamese mayo, pickled daikon radish, carrot, cucumber, Vietnamese herbs (Vietnamese Mint, Basil and Coriander) and finished off with fresh chilli. All housed in a Banh Mi bread with more substance than your ordinary Vietnamese bakery roll, made exclusively for the collar by Big Loaf Factory Bakery.

A vegetarian option is also available, replacing the pork mince omelette with Vietnamese marinated Tofu.

Vietnamese Shaken Ice Coffee:

In the 20 years from 1975 over 80,000 Vietnamese sought refuge in Australia - One of these was Minh’s mum, Hien. 

A large part of his childhood, Minh wanted to bring Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Ca The Sun Da) to the specialty coffee world, but without all of the things he thought was bad about it - too sweet, full of additives and synthesized flavours, too much ice.

Working closely with head roaster at Karvan Coffee, Marte, they set about sourcing the finest grade of Vietnamese coffee beans available. These were roasted right here in WA.

To round out the robust, nutty profile of the Vietnamese beans, they have added single origins from Colombia (caramel notes) and Brazil (butter notes).

Short and strong, this is shaken over ice with just a fraction of the normally prescribed condensed milk.

Whats In it?:

AAA Grade Vietnamese Robusta Coffee Beans combined with single origin columbian & Brazilian beans, Condensed milk (coconut milk Available for Vegans) shaken with ice.


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