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LR010 Tropical Hi-Fi

Lo-Fi Radio #010 - Tropical Hi-Fi 
'Island Magic'

Some years back, a mysterious package arrived on our desk.  Inside were two tapes, wrapped together in sand covered coconut husk. A small hand written note read, "Here's a video I made on a trip from Cassowary Coast to Cooktown. The accompanying cassette is the soundtrack to this journey. Enjoy! - Tropical Hi-Fi".  

The audio / visuals presented on these tapes was mind blowing. We planned to bring you these years ago. But, somehow both tapes went missing before we digitised them. Early this year, in a clean up of the Lo-Fi HQ, we founded these tapes sitting inside an unmarked shoebox. They hadn't seen the light of day in a while. But, we're pleased to finally bring to you a unearthed snap shot in time from the world of Tropical Hi-Fi.  

The double sided tape is an all vinyl mix recorded deep inside The Caldera, featuring field recordings over intricate edits and layering that warrants multiple listenings to truly appreciate. The visual component is a type of video postcard, Hi-8 tapes filled with scenes from the tropical landscapes of the Far North Queensland during a monsoonal storm.  The footage was bounced to VHS and compiled over an original recording by Tropical Hi-Fi.

In conjunction with this mix we have made a collaborative T-shirt with Tropical Hi-Fi inspired by these recordings, available now both in stores & online.


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