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Yesterday marked 6 years of Lo-Fi. But, we didn’t much feel like celebrating.  In fact, we felt like closing.  So we are...

With mixed messaging from government, we’ve been left to our own devices and are going with our gut feeling on this one.

Lo-Fi retail stores will be closing tomorrow for the foreseeable future.

Our Online store will remain open 24/7

We don’t know how long our stores will be closed for.  Things are changing so fast. We’re just taking it one day at a time. We will be sure to keep you informed as we make any changes.

The Online store will still be getting constantly updated.

With orders being shipping out everyday, Monday to Friday.

Australia Post is still business as usual.  So you can expect regular shipping times.

In store pick option will still be available for local customers.  You will just be given your order through a small crack in the door (weird I know).

During our Online only trading we’re offering free shipping on all orders Australia wide.

We’re also throwing in a free Lo-Fi Tote Bag with all orders over $50 AUD.

Whilst this will hurt our margin in an already difficult time, we know we have to give a little to get a little.

We’re hoping we can funnel as much in store business to our Online store as possible for the time being.

The impact of this all is a big unknown. But all we do know is it won’t be easy for small business. We’re a small team of 11 people.

Our staff are like family. It’s our main focus above all to keep them safe, but also keep them employed.

Your support in the next few months will mean more than you know.

We’re one of many in the thick of this.  Remember to look after yourself, but please don’t forget when you open your wallet.  Try your best to shop small. 

Whatever industry it may be.  Small businesses need your help more than ever.

We’re not here to be overly dramatic, but we have to be honest and pragmatic about the situation.

This is the most serious threat to our business, but it’s an even bigger threat to us all.

Whilst we’re fearful of what the economic impact will mean for us.  The health and safety of our staff, customers and broader community must always come first.

If we all pump the breaks now, it will allow vital time for our hospitals to get ahead of the curve of infection.  If we don’t, then things might not look so good.

Lo-Fi has always been about community. We love being a place off the beaten path where people come together.  We hate to close our doors.

It sucks, I know! But for now, wherever possible, limit your physical interactions with one another.

Physical isolation doesn’t have to mean social isolation. 

Keep in touch with the ones you love.  This is the Internet's time to shine.  Let’s let it sing in all it’s glory.

We look forward to working on ways to keep you all engaged and entertained in the coming weeks.

If we’re honest. We’re not really sure. We all have more questions than answers right now.

If we all try remember a few simple things it should lead us in the right path.

- Limit your physical contact with others.

- Pick up the phone: Stay in contact with friends and family and peers. Although we need to be apart, we need each other more than ever.

- Put down the phone: Continue to stay informed, but too much news during crisis can really get you down. Don’t forget to step away from the madness.

- Let compassion and empathy guide you forward.

Stay safe, look after yourself and others.  Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

Lots of Love,  Lo-Fi.

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