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Primitive Skills Magazine

"The Unprofessional Surf Magazine" 

The third embodiment of Primitive Skills, your high-minded independant sub-surf culture magazine, begins with Jye Barclay at Club Troughton, a tropical paradise isle. Craig Allsop covers the ongoing saga of a West Australian farmer & his micro nation. There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom with Thomas Lynch III. Jeff Devine introduces Ken Mitsuda & the Paradise of Youth. Jumpei Seto shares his unfinished series West Coast. Brothers Ormond inquire further into the science of yoga in YOLO to Yogi Part Two. Gondwana Technology after Christo Gillard picks some treasures from the archives of Dale Egan. Finally we reach The Magic Island where Wendy Adcock recalls days on the run with Peter Troy.

Volume 3 of Primitive Skills as well as Previous volumes are available in store and online now.

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