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Lo-Fi Radio #001 - Tropical Hi-Fi

Lo-Fi presents Lo-Fi Radio.  A collaborative series of mixes & special projects with like minded artists, brands and individuals.  We're pleased to kick things of with Australian based artist, Tropical Hi-Fi.  

"Little is known about this solitary beachcomber of Melanesia’s remote Coral Sea… and he seemingly prefer it that way! An enigma of the bush, Tropical Hi-Fi speaks through a sound that reflects the remote landscapes, vast fertile plains and unbroken horizons of the South Pacific, Oceania.

Tropical Hi-Fi has comprised a mix of tracks, edits and field recordings that tranced time and genre.  Intended to be enjoyed both in store at Lo-Fi, and on remote expeditions beyond the horizon.

To accompany the mix, Lo-Fi is releasing a range of collaborative short & long sleeve tees, drawing inspiration from the living mythology of Oceania.   So set the controls from the heart of the tropics as Tropical Hi-Fi guides you on a strange and wonderful voyage…  through the south seas of the mind!"  - Danny Driftwood

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Listen to more from Tropical Hi-Fi here

Photos by: 
Marlin Brando

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