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KFAX5: Rudeboys Mascots Of The Early Hardcore Jungle Rave Scene

KFAX5 Rudeboys: Mascots of the early hardcore jungle rave scene.

During the early to mid-90s the Jungle mascot became almost as ubiquitous as the breakbeats themselves, a stamp of respected credibility and authenticity of the music's street value. Championed by labels such as Suburban Base, Boogie Times and Ruff Kut the low slung, baggy trousered and baseball capped characters embodied and encapsulated the tough outsider attitude of the scene at the time. For the fifth edition of Klasse Wreck's KFAX series record-trainspotter Resampled aka Joe Reilly provides an army of the both well and lesser known figures that appeared on the record's center labels.

70 pages, measuring at 10x14cm and printed on 70 g/m² EOS bible print paper and with green glue binding.

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