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'CHITO: One' Book

This book marks the first instalment in an ongoing catalogue series documenting and arching the work of American-born artist Chito. 

This first book which rigorously records the revolution across many garments collection and painted by the young artist from the beginning of his career up to Mid-2018's, offers an authoritative glimpse into the beginnings of his now well-known practice.

Lush archival photographs sourced from Chito's own records and those of early colleagues and admirers are complemented by essay accounts of this formative era. Readers already interested in Chito's work, as well as those only newly familiar, will find this to be a document rich with detail that sets the stage subsequent chapters of Chito's ongoing story. 

First Printing also includes a limited escapulario designed on the occasion of this first instalment. 

- Printed in Toluca, Mexico
- Hardcover with embossed details
- Offset print on inspira 150gms uncoated bond paper
- Dimensions: 23cm X 16.5cm X 3.5cm
- 264 Pages


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