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Barbes Input / Output Tee, White

Big group collaborative tee with Barbes, Kuzich, Baro Sura and Silentjay to coincide with our 7th Birthday Celebration.

Baro suggested we use this tee as an opportunity to help raise money for a cause close to him. Something we're proud to get behind.  All profits from the sale of this tee will go towards helping the displaced Wollo Oromos in Ethiopia who have been effected by the conflict in their region.   

The Wollo Oromo are a minority community located in Ethiopia's Amhara region, disconnecting them from the rest of the Oromia region. Despite experiencing bouts of peace, they are at constant threat of displacement because they are surrounded by armed civilians and regional militias of the Amhara ethnic group who claim their lands as their own. Over the last few months, thousands have been displaced as Amhara militas and Amhara regional forces burned down entire neighbourhoods. Civilians have been killed by mobs and the injured murdered in hospitals. In the face of this crisis, the Wollo Oromo have fought to protect their homes and loved ones, but The displaced need support to meet their basic needs.

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